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Guitar Chords of “Spark” by Coldplay

Guitar Chords of spark by coldplay


[C]Did I drive you a[Am7]way

[C]Well I know what you’ll [Am7]say

[Fadd9/A]Oh sing one you [C]know

[C]But I promise you [Am7]this

[C]I’ll always look [Am7]out for [Fadd9/A]you    

That’s what I’ll [C]do


And say [Am]I  [Ammaj7]       [Am]   [C7]   [Am6]    [Fmaj7/A]       

I say I[Am]   [Ammaj7]       [Am]   [C7]   [Am6]    [Fmaj7/A]       


[C]    [Am7]      [x4]  


[C]My heart is [Am7]yours

[C]Its you that I [Am7]hold on [Fadd9/A]to     

That’s what I [C]do

[C]And I know I was [Am7]wrong

[C]But I won’t let you [Am7]down

Oh [Fadd9/A]yeah I will yeah I will

Yes I [C]will

[Chorus] (x4)

I said [Am]I  [Ammaj7]       [Am]   [C7]   [Am6]    [Fmaj7/A]       

I cry [Am]I  [Ammaj7]       [Am]   [C7]   [Am6]    [Fmaj7/A]       

I saw [C]sparks  [Am7]   

[Outro] (x4)

[C]Ahaah [Am7]ah ah [C]ah…

Lyrics of “Spark” by Coldplay

lyrics of spark by coldplay

Did I drive you away?

I know what you’ll say

You say, “Oh, sing one we know”

But I promise you this

I’ll always look out for you

Yeah, that’s what I’ll do

I say, “Ohh”

I say, “Ohh”

My heart is yours

It’s you that I hold on to

Yeah, that’s what I do

And I know, I was wrong

But I won’t let you down

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I will, yes, I will

I said, “Ohh”

I cry, “Ohh”

Yeah, I saw sparks

Yeah, I saw sparks

And I saw sparks

Yeah, I saw sparks

Sing it out

Meaning and Explanation of “Spark” by Coldplay

Coldplay is a British rock band formed in London in 1996. The band consists of Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion. They are known for their melodic pop-rock sound and have received worldwide acclaim and numerous awards over the years. The song “Sparks” is from their debut album “Parachutes,” which was released in July 2000. The album is often praised for its emotional depth and the band’s ability to convey feelings of longing, love, and introspection through their music. “Sparks” is a perfect example of this, showcasing the band’s signature sound of that era.

First Stanza:

The opening lines, “Did I drive you away? I know what you’ll say,” introduce a theme of potential loss and misunderstanding within a relationship. The speaker anticipates the partner’s response, suggesting a familiarity with their reactions or possibly a history of similar situations. This sets a tone of introspection and regret.


In the chorus, the lines “You say, ‘Oh, sing one we know’ But I promise you this I’ll always look out for you Yeah, that’s what I’ll do” depict a sense of comfort and commitment. The mention of singing a familiar song symbolizes a return to comfort or shared memories, while the promise to look out for the other person shows a deep level of care and loyalty despite the underlying issues.

Second Stanza:

The repetition of “I say, ‘Ohh’ I cry, ‘Ohh'” conveys emotional intensity and a sense of longing or yearning. This minimalistic expression emphasizes the depth of feeling, where words are insufficient to fully capture the speaker’s emotional state.


“My heart is yours It’s you that I hold on to, Yeah, that’s what I do” strongly affirms the speaker’s love and dedication. Declaring that their heart belongs to the other person demonstrates a profound emotional connection and a willingness to hold onto the relationship despite challenges.

Third Stanza:

Acknowledging mistakes, “And I know, I was wrong But I won’t let you down,” shows a willingness to take responsibility for past actions and a vow to make amends. This highlights the theme of redemption and the desire to prove one’s commitment.


The outro with repeated mentions of seeing “sparks” could symbolize moments of clarity, hope, or the rekindling of love. Sparks are often associated with the beginning of something beautiful, such as a spark igniting a flame. In the context of the song, it could represent moments that remind the speaker why they love the person and why they continue to fight for the relationship.

Throughout “Sparks,” Coldplay uses simple yet profound lyrics combined with their emotive music to delve into themes of love, regret, and the desire to make amends. The song stands as a testament to the band’s ability to craft deeply resonant music that touches on universal human emotions.

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