Rihanna’s newest maternity collection is a seductive departure from conventional maternity wear.

Rihanna's newest maternity collection is a seductive departure from conventional maternity wear.

During her pregnancy with her first child in 2022, Rihanna was seen out and about attending events and walking the red carpet at various venues. Mini dresses, high heels, and apparel with cutouts for the baby bump were her uniform throughout her pregnancy. This occurred the whole time that she was pregnant with her first kid. She defied many of the customary social and sartorial standards that are linked with the proper manner for a pregnant woman to dress. This is because she was carrying her first child. She wore short skirts with tank tops as her tops of choice.


Now that the singer and businesswoman are expecting their second child with her boyfriend, the rapper A$AP Rocky, she is expanding upon her pregnancy — and parenthood — style by producing and releasing a maternity capsule collection under the lingerie company Savage X Fenty. The line will include a variety of maternity bras and other items. The pair are expecting their first kid together, and A$AP Rocky will be the father. A$AP Rocky will be the proud parent of the couple’s unborn child, which will be their first child together.


Rihanna has said, in a press release, that the goal of her new maternity collection is to “give that confidence and comfort to moms at every point in the journeys that they are on.” I proceeded by saying, “I want to stress upon everyone that beauty and feel-good energy are not mutually incompatible with having a mom,” and I want to emphasize that point to everyone. “I want to impress upon everyone that having a mother and becoming a mother are not mutually exclusive experiences.” She said, “I want to make it absolutely crystal obvious to everyone that having a mother is not a prerequisite for having a mother.”

The new collection includes a huge graphic shirt with the cheeky phrase “Make More Babies” and three bralettes, all of which were both inspired by (and named after) Savage X Fenty’s most popular designs — Savage X Cotton, Floral Lace, and Savage Not Sorry. Additionally, the collection includes a large graphic shirt with the cheeky slogan “Make More Babies” and a large graphic shirt with the cheeky slogan “Make More Babies.” In addition, the new collection also includes a shirt that bears a huge design that says “Savage X Fenty: Make More Babies.” Additionally, the new collection has a pair of pants that have the cheeky message “Make More Babies” inscribed on the side of each leg. This is part of the new collection. In addition, this collection has a pair of shorts that have the cheeky motto “Savage Not Sorry” printed on the back of the waistband of the shorts. These shorts are part of the collection’s bottoms.


Accompanied by the capsule collection, the purpose of the collection was to design items that were both simple to wear and functional. This goal was emphasized in the news release that accompanied the collection. The target demographic consists of women who have just given birth, as well as those who are contemplating becoming mothers. In spite of this, the product description states that the line “still offers savage with a little more support, so any woman can feel like their best self – whether it’s at home, on the road, (or) with or without baby in tow.” This is the case regardless of whether the woman is pregnant or not.


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Because we are aware that modern parents have a lot of responsibilities at the same time, we have made sure that each bra has a closure that can be done with only one hand. A full nursing sling that stretches from the neckline to the underarm opening is one of the extra characteristics that contribute to the comfort and convenience of the product. Other elements that contribute to the product’s comfort and convenience include front-facing straps and back closures that are both adjustable, as well as a pair of nursing clasps that simply click into place. These are only a few of the many facets of the product that contribute to it being such a high-quality product as a whole, and there are a great many more.


“The instant I found out I was pregnant, the very first thing that went through my head was, ‘There is no way I am going to buy anything from any maternity aisle.’ “Rihanna said in an interview for the cover story of the May 2022 edition of Vogue that the act of dressing up is just much too much fun for her. Rihanna said, “I’m sorry, but getting dressed up is simply far too much fun,” in response to the question. She remarked, “Even though these changes are taking place in my body, I am not going to let go of that part of who I am.” “I am not going to let go of that piece of who I am.” “I have no intention of letting go of it.”

The most current proof of the brand’s devotion to extended inclusion across all of its product categories, including garments, accessories, and cosmetics; size; marketing and branding; and price points, is the release of maternity wear by Savage X Fenty. This is the most recent evidence of the brand’s dedication to expanded inclusion across all of its product categories. This is the most recent signal that the business intends to enhance its inclusivity across all of its product categories. This is the most current illustration of the brand’s dedication to increasing inclusivity across all of its product categories, and it is a wonderful illustration of that commitment. The prices for the products in the collection vary from around $35 to $60, and they are currently available for purchase in a number of retail locations as well as on the e-commerce website of the firm. It is available in sizes ranging from XS all the way up to 4X, and the price may be anywhere from $35 and $60.


According to what Rihanna has said, the purpose of their job is to “make people look amazing and feel joyful.” We want you to have a great time while still enjoying a sensual experience, and we will do all we can to make that happen.





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