London’s Met Police report six phone thefts per minute.

London's Met Police report six phone thefts per minute.

There was a theft of a mobile phone in the city of London once every six minutes in 2017, according to the information acquired from the London police department. Because of this, there are now demands for phone service providers to actively assist in the battle against theft. This is a direct result of the problem.


According to the Metropolitan Police, in 2022, burglars stole a total of 90,864 mobile devices, which works out to more than 250 each and every day.


The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the Mayor of London have issued a call to action to the leaders of the mobile industry, pushing them to “engineer out” the incentives for theft. This demand comes after the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the Mayor of London released a joint statement on the matter. The petition was sent to the individuals in charge of making important decisions in the mobile industry.


Mobile UK, which represents UK networks, said that mechanisms were in place to “combat” theft. Following our request for feedback, both Apple and Samsung, two of the most well-known companies in the world when it comes to the production of mobile devices, have provided us with their advice.


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Department, Sir Mark Rowley, issued a challenge to software developers in the form of an open letter. They asked software developers to “find solutions to make this crime less lucrative.”


In view of recent figures that reveal mobile phone crime is fuelling the surge in robberies and thefts in the capital city, they recommended that mobile phone providers engage with City Hall and the police in order to solve the problem. They demanded that mobile phone carriers work together with City Hall and the police in order to reduce the number of personal robberies, which in the preceding year included the theft of a phone in 38 percent of all personal robberies. In other words, they wanted to make it more difficult for people to commit personal robberies.


The information that is presently available suggests that mobile phones were involved in almost seventy percent of all thefts that took place in the city of London in the year 2015.


In recent years, manufacturers and law enforcement agencies have worked together to effectively install vehicle radios and navigation systems into the dashboards of automobiles. The number of thefts involving these categories of components has therefore dropped by a substantial amount as a direct consequence of this development.





An operation that focused on reducing the number of armed robberies and the theft of mobile phones in west London included participation from both the Mayor of London and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service. The Metropolitan Police Service served as the operation’s primary point of focus.

The following comment was made by Sir Mark in relation to the information that was obtained not too long ago. He made the following statement: “The present practise of allowing stolen mobiles to be re-registered by new users within the phone sector unknowingly fosters a criminal market which encourages robberies, thefts, and violent crime in London.” [citation needed] “The current practise of allowing stolen mobiles to be re-registered by new users within the phone sector.”


We have made it quite obvious that there are underlying causes of violence that we are unable to address on our own for a variety of reasons.


We are searching for partners who are prepared to rise to the occasion and work in conjunction with us to find a solution to this vicious cycle of violence that seems to have no end in sight. Because of this, we will be able to break the pattern of destructive behavior that has been taking place.


“The potential for a nightmarish scenario to play out in front of us.”

However, technology expert Jake Moore is doubtful about what Mr. Khan and Sir Mark have demanded due to the vast number of mobile phones that are currently in use in the United Kingdom.


“It would be a potential catastrophe, and you may have individuals charged of having a stolen phone when it’s really their own,” he continued. “You may have people accused of owning a stolen phone when it’s really their own.” “You run the risk of having someone punished for possessing a stolen phone when it is really their own,” the prosecutor said. “If we were to be really honest, determining who exactly was the owner of the phone would be a very challenging task.” It is possible that someone may wrongly accuse you of holding a stolen phone while, in reality, they are accusing you of having your own phone when they are making the mistaken assumption that you have someone else’s phone.


The following is an excerpt from what the author has to say on the subject: “It would be difficult to verify that the purchase was real, especially if it was acquired through websites that provide old products and that a lot of people use.”


It would seem that hardly a single company, anywhere in the world, adheres to this criteria in any way, shape, or form. This only makes it that much more difficult to handle the issue and keep one’s composure while doing so.


Young people have a disproportionately high incidence of engagement in robberies, either as victims or as perpetrators, according to the data gathered by the police. This involvement may take the form of either being a victim or a perpetrator. This is true in any of the two cases. People who are between the ages of 14 and 20 are particularly susceptible to becoming victims of criminal activity. According to the statistics, the involvement of younger individuals in robberies is statistically more likely than that of older people.


Mr. Khan made the following statement: “the rising expense of living threatens to exacerbate the drivers of violence and robbery, which we know disproportionately strike young people.”


In addition to this, he made the statement that “repurposing and selling on stolen phones is simply too easy and profitable for criminals at this time.”


In addition, Mobile UK said, “We welcome the opportunity to cooperate with the Metropolitan Police Department, the Mayor’s Office, device manufacturers, and the larger industry in order to continue lowering this crime to an even greater degree.”








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